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Carcassonne big set, #1

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Carcassonne big set, #1


This is an excellent example of traditional southern Appalachian big set square dance, recorded by John Ramsay in Carcassonne, Kentucky, September 19, 1991. ("Big set" is the name given by outsiders; locally it's just "square dance.") The tune is Liza Jane. The caller is Randall Caudill; he is the son of Clifton and Ruby Caudill; they hosted the dance until his death in 1999.

On this particular evening, the musicians were Bradley Slone, fiddle; Eugene Fields, banjo, and Bill Shiflett, guitar. The regular musicians for this dance series were the Pinetop Ramblers: Eugene Fields, Daylo Lewis, Marlin Smith, and Ovit Couch.

With relatively few examples on our site of this style of dancing, we have included the dance in its entirety to illustrate the changing figures as the dance goes along.

Circle Left
Back to the Right and Hold on Tight
Swing Your Partner and Promenade
Circle Left
First/Next Couple Out, Four in a Ring ...
Lady Around the Lady, the Gent Also
Lady Around the Gent, Gent Don't Go
Swing When You Meet, and Four in a Ring
Everybody Swing and Promenade
Circle Left
Wave the Ocean, Wave the Sea
Wave That Pretty Girl Back to Me
Wave the Ocean, Wave the Shore
Couple Up Four
Do-si-do ...
Right Hands Across and How Do You Do?
Left Hands Back and the Same to You
Hug 'um Up  [the word "Basket" is not used]
You Swing Mine and I'll Swing Yours
Swing Your Own (Everyone Swing) and Promenade
Lady Around the Lady, Gent Around the Gent
Right Hand Turn
Lady around the Gent, Gent Around the Lady
Swing When You Meet and Circle Four in a Ring
Do-Si-Do ...
Go Behind and Take a Little Peek
Back to the Center and Swing Your Sweet
Go Behind and Peek Once More
Swing and Circle Up Four
Do-si-do ...

The Carcassonne tradition continues. Click here for another dance nearly 25 years later with a young woman calling the figures.

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September 19, 1991


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