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Lazy H - Tony Parkes

Tony Parkes is calling Ed Gilmore's classic dance, the Lazy H. As the dance progresses, Tony adds variations so that instead of couples doing a right and left through around a standing line of four, he directs the ladies to chain over and back through an arch in the middle of the line of four. Tony also uses a break from around 1950, the Triple…

Two Little Right Hand Stars - Tony Parkes

This dance appeared in Ralph Page's Northern Junket in Volume 1, #2, p. 17. This clip includes Tony's walkthrough of the dance.The dance is attributed to Ralph Page. Tony is using Rod Linnell's version of the call, which Rod adapted to fit the tune "Blue Mountain Rag" as a semi-singing call. As New England musicians do not generally know that tune,…

Forward Five - Tony Parkes

The dance is based on one used by Ralph Page. Tony's shortened version goes as follows:

A1 All go forward and back
Go forward again, gent #1 bring two ladies home

A2 At the heads, go right and left five
Do a right and left back and look alive

B1 On the corner, do an allemande left
Come back home and swing your…

Dick Leger figure - Tony Parkes

Tony Parkes calls a quadrille-style figure that he learned from the calling of Dick Leger. Leger did it as a singing call to the tune of "Wolverton Mountain," a country song made famous by Claude King in 1962.

The musicians are Yankee Ingenuity (Peter Barnes, piano; Mary Lea, fiddle; Cal Howard, bass; Jack O'Connor, mandolin), joined by Alasdair…