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Dare To Be Square - Seattle, 2009

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Dare To Be Square - Seattle, 2009

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Dare To Be Square – Seattle, Washington, 2009

Dare To Be Square is a weekend event celebrating square dancing in its many forms. North Carolina callers Nancy Mamlin and Phil Jamison created the event in 2003 and hosted the first few gatherings at Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC. Subsequent years saw similar events held in Portland, OR, and Seattle. Another DTBS was held in Seattle in 2010, and the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC, hosted one in November of 2011 with support from the Country Dance and Song Society.


Tony Mates uploaded 30 videos from the 2009 Dare To Be Square event in Seattle (December 12-14, 2009). He explains, "My goal was to capture the essence of what Bob Dalsemer brought to his workshops at Dare To Be Square this year, and then make it available to all who participated. A dedicated crew of volunteers and I filled 5 one-hour tapes with video. We attempted to get Bob's teaching of each particular dance, both from the stage and any demonstrations on the floor. We also tried to get a representative sample of the dance being done to the music. As it happens I wish we had covered more material, but then, given the work involved in editing 5 hours of video and 7 of audio, maybe it was for the best. My apologies for the parts that were left out. In particular I'm sorry there was not more of the actual dancing."



Dare to Be Square – general introduction

Cool Versions of Classic Squares 1: Cut Away Six

Cool Versions of Classic Squares 2: Dip and Dive

Cool Versions of Classic Squares 3: Duck for the Oyster

Cool Versions of Classic Squares 4: Bird in the Cage

Square Dancing for All 1: Big Circle

Square Dancing for All 2: Texas Star

Square Dancing for All 3: Lines of Six

Square Dancing for All 4: Big Circle No 2

Square Dancing for All 5: Going Uptown

Square Dancing for All 6: Tip the Willow


New England and Singing Squares 1: Pass Through and Do-Si-Do
     by Ted Sannella, published in Swing the Next

New England and Singing Squares 2: On The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

New England and Singing Squares 3: Tony's Back to Back

New England and Singing Squares 4: Down Yonder

New England and Singing Squares 5: Gents Three-Quarter Star
     by Ted Sannella, published in Swing the Next

New England and Singing Squares 6: Louisiana Swing


Souped Up Squares 2: Allemande Thar

Souped Up Squares 3: Chicken Plucker

Souped Up Squares 4: Square Through

Souped Up Squares 5: Arkansas Traveller

Souped Up Squares 6: Grand Square


Timing, Timing, Timing 1: Kentucky Do-Si-Do

Timing 2: One Dance, Three Different Styles

     Southern patter
     Singing square
     New England prompted

 Timing 3: Right Hand Gent by the Right Hand Around


West Virginia Squares 1: New Creek

West Virginia Squares 2: Georgia Rang Tang

West Virginia Squares 3: Glenville

West Virginia Squares 4: Morgantown


"After listening to my audio recordings of the workshops I realized that the video may have captured the main points of each dance, but failed sometimes to give a sense of the whole; particularly as Bob often adds twists—or even new figures—later on in the dance. The audio links below cover the entire workshops, with the exception of Timing! Timing! Timing! which I only got about an hour of."

 Square Dancing for All

 West Virginia Squares

 New England and Singing Squares

 Cool Versions of Classic Squares

 Timing, Timing, Timing

 Souped Up Squares


Tony Mates, March, 2010: "To keep this material from going viral, we ask that you exercise respect and discretion about what you do with it. Since it was the staff and attendees of DTBS 09 who made these videos happen, we'd like to keep it in the family, so to speak. If you know a caller who might benefit from seeing this, fine, but please ask that he or she also respect DTBS and the folks who made it possible." [Note: Tony and Bob granted permission to post these links on this Square Dance History website.]


Credits: "Billie Burlock, Tony Mates, Brittany Newell and Paul Silveria shot video on a camera kindly lent to us by Charlie Beck. Cheers to a very helpful crew! Audio and video editing by Tony Mates. A Noderinksere production. Expert help and counsel from Charmaine Slaven, Charlie Beck, Catherine Alexander, Gabe Strand, Doug Plummer and Johnny Calcagno. And of course many thanks to all of the performers, crew and dancers who made Dare To Be Square 09 happen. Having spent many hours now in front of a laptop watching many of you dance, or call, or play music, it is a pleasure to present this material for your enjoyment and enlightenment."


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December 12-14, 2009


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